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Canadian Research Publications




Canadian Research Publications is an open-access publication. Our main aim is to publish journals monthly basis and Canadian Research Publication is covering full-length research articles, review articles, short communication, case story, thesis papers, editorial note, special issues, research notes, books and chapters, e-books, etc. Our publication covers all the fields of General Science, Engineering Science, Science and Technology, Environment and Earth, Computer Science, Business and Management, Agricultural Science, Medical Science, and Public Health, Energy and Power, Arts.

Canadian Research Publications also covering rest of all kinds of subject and topics such as Mathematical Modeling and Applied Computing, Advanced Software Engineering, Information Technology & Operations Management, Information Science and Education, Database Theory and Application, Multimedia, Cybersecurity, Business Development, Library Management, Management and Technology, Finance and Banking, Business and Rural Development Studies, Human Resource Management, Public Administration and Management, Environmental Protection, Web and Grid Services, Oceans and Oceanography, Air, Water and Soil Pollution, Environment and Applied Science, Environmental and Civil Engineering, Worldwide Waste Management, Climate Change, Ecosystem, Environmental Science and Economics, Geography & Regional Planning, Environment & Earth Science, Agricultural Development and Economics, Agricultural Processing, Cereals and Oilseeds, Molecular Genetics, Agriculture and Biological Science, Agricultural Economics and Finance, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Applied Agricultural Engineering, Technology Education, Metal and Steel Technology, Smart House, Colloid and Interface Science, Heat and Mass Transfer, Engineering Technology, Applied Chemical Science, Engine Technology, Waste to Energy, Fuel and Energy, Energy and Power, Telecommunication Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering, Fish Process Engineering, Engineering Studies, Grain Storage Engineering, Automotive Engineering, General Engineering, Archaeology, Music and Dance, Humanities & Social Science, Development Studies, Women and Therapy, Leadership and Organizational Studies, Astrobiology, Calculus, Fisheries, Physics, Histology, Cell Biology, Statistics, Clinical Practice, Forensic Medicine, Health and Epidemiology, Parasitology, Medical Laboratory and Diagnosis, Biological Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Dermatology and Venereology, Environmental Health Sciences & Toxicology,etc.

Canadian Research Publications is inviting you to submit your valuable unpublished research papers in our publications and papers will publish without any delay. Canadian Research Publication serves standard quality publications for all authors and readers. The readers can copy or download articles from for free.




Frequency:  12 Issues / Year

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